Our Story

Our founder married into a third generation family of jewelers and was lucky enough to receive a number of beautiful diamond jewelry pieces for her wedding. It wasn't until she went shopping a few years later to purchase her first piece of diamond jewelry on her own that she realized how expensive all of the pieces she wanted were. With a budget of $3,000 to $5,000 she was dismayed that she couldn't even purchase a pair of single carat diamond studs (currently listed for $8,950 on Blue Nile in an I color!). Instead, she could only afford small diamond sizes that didn't make much of an impact. 

Our founder was familiar with moissanite, but she had only ever heard of it being used as an option for affordable engagement rings. She started researching whether moissanite could be a good option to bring down the cost of all the fun jewelry pieces she wanted. What she found looked promising but she truly knew she had a winning product in her hands when she showed her samples to her father-in-law, a jeweler of 30 years, and he was impressed. 

Our goal is to deliver all of the fun of diamond jewelry: gorgeous designs, big stone looks and impact and lifetime durability with none of the drawbacks that typically accompany these pieces. Namely: prohibitively high costs, high insurance premiums, having to worry about losing a precious piece during travel or sport. We want to be able to wear beautiful pieces at home but also while skiing and at the beach!

For about the same price as you'd spend on a designer wallet or handbag - you can have gorgeous fine jewelry pieces that you'll wear forever.

As for our founder? She took her budget and now sports both a Mazedara half and half eternity band and a Mazedara modern tennis bracelet!